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What we do to keep you safe

Here at Getaway Motorhomes, we take hygiene very seriously, between hires, our motorhomes will be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle is clean for your arrival. In addition, one week before handover, we provide an extensive video tour of your chosen vehicle to ensure you are familiar with the vehicle in its entirety, including its facilities and operation.

Please note

-Before your hire, please inform us if you are displaying symptoms of an illness. Please also see our terms and conditions on changes/cancellations/refunds, in relation to Covid-19.

-If at any time you or any party members develop symptoms of Covid-19 during your hire, it is very important to inform us as soon as possible, so that staff can be informed.

- Please note that we cannot offer partial refunds if a hire is cut short due to illness or injury- which includes Covid-19.

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